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Birth Certificate Check is a process by which you can confirm that your, your child’s or your nominee’s birth registration is officially registered online. You have to enter this site “”. This website is designated by the Government of Bangladesh for the Birth Certificate Check. What should you do if your birth registration is not online?

Today we will discuss what you should do if there is a mistake in the birth registration or what you should do if the registration is correct. Online birth certificate check is a very important task for all of us. If we do not do this at the right time, our time and effort will be wasted. Every day we see hundreds of parents coming to the Union Council Office or local municipality to correct their children’s birth certificate to rectify the wrong.


This happens because their birth certificates are not checked on time. If we can immediately correct the errors in the information provided, our jobs will be much easier, saving valuable time and avoiding confusion. Birth Certificate Check by online is a groundbreaking initiative of the Government of Bangladesh.

Birth Registration

The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has made it mandatory to register the birth of every child after birth. Through this, as you have confirmed the birth registration of your child, at the same time the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh also got information about your child on its server. In this way, if we all consciously register the birth of a child, then many of our tasks will become very easy.


There are many tasks of birth certificate such as enrolling the child in school, nominating an heir, taking government facilities or getting a passport, etc. After completion of birth registration, a copy of the said registration must be attested by the designated public representative of your area and kept with you and used when required. You can also check the birth certificate online and receive your registration copy and use it for all purposes.

Online Birth Certificate |

There was a time when our birth information was stored in a register book at the local union council office or local municipality office by hand. This type of information has been noticed by many errors and deviations. I think 25 percent of people had some kind of mistake in their birth certificate. Keeping this in view, the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has arranged to provide this birth certificate online with the aim of creating a digital Bangladesh.

Birth Certificate Check Online

Birth Certificate Check Online is a groundbreaking initiative of the Government of Bangladesh. No praise is enough for that. If you want, you can check your birth certificate with the help of your smartphone. You can apply for a birth certificate ‍sitting at home even if there is any problem you can apply for correction too.


In order to ensure that birth registration is 100% error free, the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has maintained a separate website for birth certificate check called Office Of The Registrar General Birth And Death Registration and  the website is

The Requirements to Birth Certificate Check

If you want a birth certificate check with online help you need a few things, firstly you must have a smartphone or you must have a laptop or desktop computer and this device must have an internet connection. The device you want to check the certificate with must have a browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. You have to know a number that will be the birth registration number and you have to mind the date of birth too. If you have these few things you can easily check the birth certificate. We will discuss each step in detail in turn.

Process to Birth Certificate Check Online

We will now check the birth certificate of a person nominated by us. We will discuss the process, step by step and I believe you must if you follow the steps properly.


  1. You have to enter this site “”. This website is designated by the Government of Bangladesh for the Birth Certificate Check. You will see your website homepage like above.
  2. In the birth registration box you enter the 17 digit birth registration number of your nominee.
  3. In the Date of Birth box you enter the date of birth of your nominee. In this case you must remember to give the year of birth first, then the month of birth and finally the date of birth. It will take some time but you will figure it out with the help of the arrow keys provided there.
  4. In the answer box, two numbers are given in the form of captcha on the top of the box, you have to enter the sum or subtraction of the numbers in the specified box according to the instructions.
  5. Press the search button, wait a moment. If you are taking more time then you will be asked to fill the captcha again then fill the captcha again and press the search button in the same way. Wait for a few moments and the birth registration will show in front of you.

I believe you can check your nominee’s birth certificate copy on your device. In the same way you can check anyone’s birth certificate copy.

If The Birth Certificate Doesn’t Show

If you can’t see your nominee’s birth certificate copy on your device then don’t worry re-check the reasons given below

  1. First of all you check the birth registration number. If the birth registration number you entered. Is it 17 digits? if it is not 17 digits then your birth certificate copy will not show at all.
  2. Have you entered the date of birth correctly? As I said earlier first the year then – the month – then the date. Clicking on that box will bring up a calendar box, select your specific date of birth with the help of arrows and click on it. Submitting in this way will reduce mistakes.
  3. This is the final stage, you should check if there is any error in your device, sometimes your browser doesn’t show the result due to error, and if the information you provided is 100% correct.

These three types of errors are most commonly seen while checking birth certificates. If you complete these steps patiently then you should not face any problem in the birth certificate check.

Final Remarks


In this brief discussion you must have understood that birth registration check is very important. Birth certificate check by online is a very important step among the many effective steps taken by the government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh to build a digital Bangladesh. We will do birth registration of our children as soon as they are born in solidarity with this landmark step of the government and do the Birth Certificate Check. To know more stay with SEFF-Journal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How many numbers are on the birth certificate ?

Ans. Provided by Bangladesh Government Birth Certificate with a 17-digit unique number named Personal Identification Number.

  • What is birth registration?

Ans. According to the law named “Births and Deaths Registration Act of 2004 of Bangladesh”. Birth of any Bangladesh national has to be registered with a designated birth registrar (Bangladesh Consulates/Embassies/ High Commissions abroad if born overseas) within 45 days of the birth of the child.

  • What is the name of the birth check website?

Ans. Enter “” this website designated by the Government of Bangladesh for birth certificate check.

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