Chat GPT Login 2024 | Best Way To Create Open Ai Account

Chat GPT login has generated probably the most discussion in the current technology era. To reach one million subscribers, while social media Facebook took almost 720 days, Chat-GPT took only 5 days. As fast as Chat-GPT has reached 5 million, 10 million, even 20 million subscribers, no one has ever listened, seen or imagined in the era of the Internet. It’s a record and the opening of an era. You can be proud to witness this era and also remember that Chat-GPT has come to change the entire internet world. If you want to be an honorable subscriber of Chat-GPT no more late just login Chat-GPT now.

Chat GPT Login

From the year 2020 we have entered a new era, which is called the Artificial Intelligence or AI era. Before chat gpt login, it is important to have an idea about Chat GPT and its developer Open AI, so that we don’t have questions in our mind about what it is, where it came from, what it can do etc.

Establishment of Company

The capital of the technology world is in Silicon Valley of America a new technology company was launched named OpenAI in 2015. The founders of the company were Elon Musk , Sam Altnan, Greg Brockman, Ilya Sutskever, John Schulman, and Wojciech Zaremba, among others. We all know Elon Musk. He is one of the kings of the technology world, Owner and CTO of twitter, Founder, CEO, and chief engineer of SpaceX and Tesla and President of Musk Foundation. But the other name Sam Altman was almost new in the technology sector. He was an entrepreneur, investor, and programmer of America. Most probably because Elon Musk is associated with this company, the eyes of technologists around the world were on it.

Changing the Board of Directory

A company whose purpose was to benefit humans with artificial intelligence almost for free. In 2018, 3 years after its founding, Elon Musk stepped down from the board of directors of OpenAI. Then Sam Altnam sat in the CEO’s chair and he is the current CEO of OpenAI.

Including Microsoft as Owner

After the change of CEO, Microsoft invested $1 billion in the Open AI project and gave permission for research by Microsoft Azure. Sam Altnam brought some changes in the company’s operations and released GPT-1 (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer -1) in June-2018. Microsoft, one of the kings of technology, realized that they are on the right track and invested $10 billion and became the owner of 46% of OpenAI.

Manifestation of GPT

In 2019 OpenAI released a limited model of GPT-2 and in November 2019 released the full model. We can see the main benefits of changing operations after another 2 years in 2020. They open an image making process by using AI (Artificial Intelligence) named DALL-E. It was a model to generate digital images from natural language.

Effects of GPT in Humans

It was like an earthquake in the tech world. People are surprised, delighted and saddened at the same time because no one has ever dreamed that people would change their images by speaking or writing. There came many such artificial intelligences in the recent past but none of them were effective like DALL-E.

Man understands that something is coming very soon to change the tech world and to change the way of thinking of humans. People’s thoughts came true and Open-AI released the most powerful GPT-3 in June 2020. It was unbelievable that chat gpt can chat with humans like humans, that can create content, write articles, poems, stories like humans. It can solve complex things like programming or coding too.

How to Chat GPT Login

We have to remember that Chat GPT is a tool or software provided by Open AI, so we first need to register and inform Open AI that we want to use Chat GPT. We will complete the Open-AI registration to chat GPT login very carefully in a phased manner. So let’s start…..

The Steps To Chat GPT Login

To chat GPT login, at first open your preferred browser, be it Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, or Opera Mini. For my convenience I have used Google Chrome browser here, you can do as per your convenience

Write to search bar, then press Enter on the keyboard, like in the red circle below. Such a page will open. Click on the signup button on the right side, if you have an earlier account, then click on the login button. Trust yourself, together we will do chat gpt  login.

chat gpt login

A new page or new tab will open and a box will come named Create your account. In the email box write your email name. Then click the continue button. Below the Continue button is a “Login” link. I repeat if you already have an ID, you can login from here also. There is a section called OR which has 3 more boxes or links  inside.

chat-gpt login
Chat GPT Login

Continue with Google

Continue with Microsoft Account

Continue with Apple

If you have any account before in this kind of platform, click to that button to create an OpenAI account then chat gpt login.

I write my email to the email box and you can also write then click continue. A new box has been added under the email box . put your password here. The password must be more than 8 characters, like a number or text or symbol.

Chat GPT login

Then click the continue button again.

Open your email, go to the inbox section and verify that it is your email. Congratulations, You have successfully opened an account and are ready to chat gpt login.


After chat gpt login you will get these kinds of boxes. Click to the box where it is written Chat GPT. ‍ Write what you want to know on the send a message box. You can press the enter button from your keyboard or click the arrow symbol . That’s a magic not so.


Cost of Using Chat GPT

Chat gpt can do everything as your assistant. It can make your daily routine, create unique content like humans. It can create reports like your accountant, provide suggestions perfectly to make a decision and many more. Surprisingly, you  have not to pay any fees for using Chat gpt right now.  In a special report, OpenAI, the founder of Chat GPT, said that they cost one to one and a half cents per call, so they spend $550 to $600 million per day. We can conclude that we may soon have to pay to use Chat GPT and Keeping this in mind we will do chat gpt login.

Limitations of Chat GPT

You might think that Chat GPT is the best at providing information and it has no limitations. but no, It has a lot of limitations, like providing current trending information and providing machine language. It is very weak for providing emotional factor data like mutual understanding, love, dating etc. So far at least 5 vital subjects that will motivate you to not chat gpt login.

Failed to Provide Current Information

Chat GPT is an ocean of information but it doesn’t have any recent information. For example if you type the latest drone discovered by Iran in the search box, it will not be able to provide correct information, if you type Russia vs Ukraine war, it will say I am unable. Chat-GPT is trained by billions of human data using Open AI, but Still he is not trained enough to analyze the daily happenings. By knowing that you do chat gpt login.

Increases Laziness

Humans are inherently lazy. Due to the arrival of Chat GPT, people’s laziness will increase. There is a popular saying in the Indian subcontinent that “The third generation of kings begs to live.” If we are lazy there will come a time when we will lose performance. which will be a very bad sign for us. The decision is yours, will you do chat gpt login?

Barriers to Talent Development

Talent is a quality given by the Creator. you can write poems, some one can write stories, compose songs or some one can draw pictures. It’s everyone’s own talent, but with Chat GPT you will dishonor the talent. So will you do chat gpt login?

Threat for Education System

Very recently there have been some incidents in Australia. where some students of school and college have submitted their theses with the help of chat gpt and the number of those students is not little, can be thousands or more. Because of this the Australian government has decided to take the exam of students with the help of papers and pen. Think again to chat gpt login.

Create Unemployment

Thousands and even millions of people will be out of a job every year because of Chat GPT. Especially the employees of account section, marketing section, content creating section and as like secretarial section will be at high risk. Mid to senior executives are the most at risk of leaving a job so we need to think again to chat gpt login.

you have heard about many changes in the world. Believe me, our next at least 10 to 20 years or decade will be the era of artificial intelligence, decade of Chat GPT or decade of openAI. where everything good and bad will be there like us will have millions of people jobless. millions of companies will be built every year depending on AI. so we have to do a chat gpt login right now. We have to make ourselves masters.

There will be no employment for those who know little and can little. we will not be the servant of AI, we will be the master of AI and use AI as an assistant. The time is going on. By the time you read the article, thousands of people have logged into the AI platform. So It’s high time you do Chat GPT login.

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