HSC Short Syllabus 2025 PDF Download

HSC & Equivalent Exam Short Syllabus 2025 is available here, Science Commerce and Humanities students can download and study PDF of all subjects. Officially the syllabus has not been announced yet by the director of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE), if there is any update regarding the syllabus it will be made available here and also the PDF will be available.

Every year the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) plays an important role in formulating the curriculum of secondary and higher secondary education, they are responsible for arranging and shortening the syllabus as per the need, the possibility of reducing by 30% is being revealed. NCTB published short syllabus for last year, on that ratio we assume that in 2025 also by studying short syllabus, HSC exam will be conducted.

HSC 2025 Short Syllabus

However, HSC 2025 students don’t need to worry much, once the official syllabus is released, you can download it from our website. Just started our website with educational news, this is the first post so from now any educational help get easily by www.loginresultbd.com. For now, in this post, detailed reports about HSC syllabus will be presented, students can visit and collect syllabus to get updates about it from anywhere in the world. There are 11 Boards of Education across Bangladesh, Chittagong, Comilla, Barisal, Dhaka, Sylhet, Dinajpur, Jessore, Mymensingh, Rajshahi, Technical and Madrasa can offer syllabus for Secondary and Higher Education. If approved then HSC 2025 batch students under all these boards can download syllabus from NCTB website.

HSC Syllabus Bangladesh 2025

Probably (2025 Batch) HSC Syllabus may come, but it is not final but this news is done from our own report personally. All HSC Short Syllabus pdf format will be available on our website if published. Now for the time being it is important to have regular classes and study from the main books regularly for improving studies and exam preparation.

The Bangladesh Ministry of Education has brought many changes in the current education system, so there is no alternative way to get good results except studying. So, prepare for the HSC 2025 exam well in advance because you have to pass the Secondary and Higher Education (HSC) exam to get educated in other higher education. Many of you know about this, so I did not take the matter to the other side, we will only highlight the information related to the syllabus.

HSC Short Syllabus 2025 All Subjects

Students are more interested in HSC Short Syllabus because it does not prepare any question paper outside the syllabus. For the previous 4 years, the colleges of the country have studied according to the syllabus because there were many shortages in the educational institutions. Finally, it is heard that the HSC short syllabus is going to be published in 2025, so the students are looking at various websites, so this article is published in relation to this syllabus to give an idea. Bengali, English, ICT and other subjects must for students in science, commerce and humanities groups, a large number of HSC 2025 students are searching Google for the syllabus. What are you listening to? Not yet published, if the government proposes, the Ministry of Education will approve and publish.

Compulsory HSC Subjects Syllabus 2025 PDF

Bangla 1st paperDownload PDF
Bangla 2nd  PaperDownload PDF
English 1st PaperDownload PDF
English 2nd  PaperDownload PDF
Information and Communication Technology (ICT)Download PDF
Islam Shikkha 1st PaperDownload PDF
Islam Shikkha 2nd PaperDownload PDF

Science Subjects HSC Syllabus 2025 PDF

This time i.e. in 2025, about three lakh students of science department are ready to give HSC & Equivalent examination, do you know that the good news is coming very soon that is that the syllabus is going to be prepared, surely you will get the good news in a few days. This information is found from other years report, so this report is made to share with you and explain the PDF system. HSC Science Group All Subjects List and PDF are already given. Keep an eye on below anytime HSC Exam Syllabus 2025 will be published, updates will be given and you can download PDF of all subjects.

Physics 1st PartDownload PDF
Physics 2nd PartDownload PDF
Chemistry 1st PartDownload PDF
Chemistry  2nd PartDownload PDF
Biology  1st PartDownload PDF
Biology 2nd PartDownload PDF
Higher Mathematics 1st PartDownload DF
Higher Mathematics 2nd PartDownload PDF
Soil Science 1st PartDownload PDF
Soil Science 2nd PartDownload PDF
Statistics 1st PartDownload PDF
Statistics  2nd PartDownload PDF

Commerce/ Business Studies HSC Syllabus 2025 PDF

Be very happy that HSC Syllabus 2025 will be available online in few days, it is essential to stay updated with the official announcement of the educational institution or relevant authority, below is the list of HSC Commerce Group Subjects and pdf arranged syllabus will be available when published. Now for now read its detailed report carefully for preparation of HSC Exam 2025. It is known from the official sources that the HSC and Equivalent examination of 2025 may start from June, that is, there is still a lot of time left for HSC commerce department students to cover their studies.

Accounting 1st PartDownload PDF
Accounting 2nd PartDownload PDF
Business Organization and Management 1st PartDownload PDF
Business Organization and Management 2nd PartDownload PDF
Product Management 1st PartDownload PDF
Product Management 2nd PartDownload PDF
Finance, Banking, and Insurance 1st PartDownload PDF
Finance, Banking, and Insurance 2nd PartDownload PDF

Arts/Humanities Subject HSC Syllabus 2025 PDF

The number of students of humanities group is huge compared to other departments of HSC, every year lakhs of students give HSC examination under all the education boards of Bangladesh. As always 2025 will see huge number of students, so we bring happy news for all that HSC 2025 Short Syllabus may come soon. Below is the PDF of all the subjects of HSC Syllabus related to the details. If published by Bangladesh Ministry of Education, it will be updated here, then you can download and start studying. Recently now you should study as given by the Bangladesh Ministry of Education and institutions, take regular classes for HSC exam preparation. If the syllabus is not published then the question papers of 100 marks and from all the chapters of the book may be prepared.

Logic 1st PartDownload PDF
Logic 2nd PartDownload PDF
Economics 1st PartDownload PDF
Economics 2nd PartDownload PDF
Social Work 1st PartDownload PDF
Social Work 2nd PartDownload PDF
Geography 1st PartDownload PDF
Geography 2nd PartDownload PDF
Islamic History & Culture 1st PartDownload PDF
Islamic History & Culture 2nd PartDownload PDF
Civic & Good Governance 1st PartDownload PDF
Civic & Good Governance 2nd PartDownload PDF
Sociology 1st PaperDownload PDF
Sociology 2nd PaperDownload PDF
History 1st PartDownload PDF
History 2nd PartDownload PDF
Art & Textile 1st PartDownload PDF
Art & Textile 2nd PartDownload PDF
Psychology 1st PartDownload PDF
Psychology 2nd PartDownload PDF
Home Management 1st PartDownload PDF
Home Management 2nd PartDownload PDF
Home Science 1st PartDownload PDF
Home Science 2nd PartDownload PDF
Food & Nutrition 1st PartDownload PDF
Food & Nutrition 2nd PartDownload PDF
Art & Craft 1st PartDownload PDF
Art & Craft 2nd PartDownload PDF
Child Development 1st PartDownload PDF
Child Development 2nd PartDownload PDF
Agriculture 1st PartDownload PDF
Agriculture 2nd PartDownload PDF

HSC 2025 Short Syllabus All Subject PDF Download

  • HSC 2025 short syllabus for Science Group – Download Link: Science Subject
  • HSC 2025 short syllabus for Commerce Group – Download Link: Commerce Subject
  • HSC 2025 short syllabus for Arts Group – Download Link: Arts Subjects

Hope the information given above regarding the syllabus can be effective soon and you can download the desired HSC Syllabus 2025 PDF. A simple system is given at once. Just click on the PDF and one by one HSC syllabus will be saved on your mobile or PC. There is no specific rule for downloading the syllabus. If you click on the subject, the download will be downloaded. You can also print from there. By reading this article first and to the end, you must have been able to collect the information and know it correctly, so there is no need to know better than this.

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In Conclusion

We have tried to make this post very nice for everyone, if you like it then share the article and inform your other friends and relatives so that they can also get this update. From now you can visit our website to get educational regular notice. All the best to HSC candidates, definitely reach your place and study.

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