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Mustafa online shopping complex or Mustafa Centre is one of the largest and cheapest shopping malls in Singapore. It’s a 24/7 online shopping complex. The present Mustafa online Shopping Complex was established in April 1995 in the traditional Syed Alwi Road of Little India. It is a four-stored modern shopping complex spread over 400,000 sq. ft. Mustafa Centre Shopping Complex is a shopping paradise for expatriate brothers from Bangladesh and India.


There is nothing you will not find here. From fish, meat to fruits, vegetables and thousands of daily essentials, this shopping complex has everything you need at a very affordable price. As every Sunday is a public holiday in Singapore, the Mustafa Centre becomes a meeting place for expatriate brothers, where people of different languages and cultures hang out, eat different types of foods, have fun and express their feelings.

The Location Of Mustafa Online Centre

This shopping complex is located within walking distance from City Square mall and The Serangoon plaza is diagonally opposite to Mustafa Centre. This traditional shopping complex Mustafa Complex Centre is located at 145 Syed Alwi Road, Little India, Singapore 207704. You can reach Little India directly from Singapore Airport by Metro Yoga. That means you can get very close to Mustafa Complex Centre by metro.

The Starting Stage Of Mustafa Complex

Behind every success lies an indomitable mindset, hard work, integrity and foresight. Today’s Mustafa Centre was not built in a day. Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed, who is the Managing Director of this institution, has built this institution step by step through his talent and hard work. The company first started by selling ready-made garments at Campbell Lane in Little India  in 1971.


Collecting the kind of products that customers usually like, he rented 900 square feet of space next to his first store, set up another store, brought in some foreign products, and gradually the number of customers increased. His aim was to understand the needs of the people and supply the goods accordingly.

A Bold Decision Can Change Your Future

In 1985, Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed decided to take a big shop and stock various products there. After much searching, he decided to realize his new dream at Serangoon Plaza. It was a very bold decision as this Serangoon Plaza was located outside the business boundary of Little India. If those decisions had proved wrong, we might not have seen the Mustafa Centre today, but luck is with courage. He started a new business by renting a 40000 square feet space on the ground floor at Serangoon Plaza.

Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed won the bet again. A large number of customers started coming to his shop to such an extent that he had to rent more space. After much thought, Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed realized that it would be very difficult for him to run a business on rent like this, he must own the premises. As I said earlier about how the brave can see the future, he started looking for some old shops and very soon he found some old shop houses near his shop that weren’t too expensive. He started buying those houses from the business dividends. A few more years passed and he bought all the shop houses.

Mustafa Centre | Mustafa Online Centre

In April 1995, the modern Mustafa Centre began its journey, gradually it became a shopping paradise for the common man. Most of the customers here were Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani as well as some customers from other countries were also joined. The regular customer numbers of Mustafa Online Centre were almost 15000.


Many local newspapers had written articles about this brave man, how an ordinary store became a shopping complex. The matter did not escape the eyes of the electronic media. Several TV programs came up with offers to air some reports. Two TV programs called “Money Mind” and “Money Week” came out. Thus The name of Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed and his Mustafa Centre spread all over Singapore.

The number of customers started to increase incredibly, along with the number of shops. Presently Mustafa Complex Centre is proudly running its operations in its own six storied building from one floor to four floors covering an area of about four lakh square kilometers with about three lakh different types of products. This traditional shopping complex in Singapore is open 24/7 and comes around fifty thousand shoppers every day.

Mustafa Online Jewellery

By visiting this site “” any time you can know the jewelry rate of Singapore. The Jewelry collection is located on No. 1 level stage on the ground floor of the Mustafa Centre. It is the largest gold market in Singapore where you can find any type of Jewelry you need. You can buy Jewelry products with the highest quality assurance from Mustafa Complex Centre. So far there are no reports of products purchased from here.


Mustafa Jewelry conducts its business with utmost honesty and sets their gold prices daily. You can find daily gold prices through hundreds of web sites worldwide. By visiting this Mustafa Online Jewelry site “” you can choose your jewelry products. The biggest buyers of jewelry at Mustafa Complex center are expatriate brothers from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. Who use their hard earned money to send jewelry for their relatives in the country.

Mustafa Online Money Exchange Rate

Currently you can exchange money from Mustafa Centre. Here international guidelines are followed for money exchange which are updated daily according to the international market. You can certainly use the money exchange medium at Mustafa Online Centre to get the right medium of exchange for your hard earned money.


You must know that the current currency of Singapore is Singapore Dollar (SGD) and Bangladeshi currency is Taka (BDT) whose current exchange rate is 1 SGD = 81.164 BDT  (which is constantly changing). You can visit this website to see the value of Taka.

“” The Mustafa online is providing different types of services for us like this.

Conclusion Of Mustafa Centre

Mustafa Online Centre, Mustafa Centre or Mustafa Shopping Complex by whatever name you call it is not just a shopping complex it is a name of inspiration. We can learn a lot from it. We can take inspiration from Mr. Mustaq Ahmad, who is the founder and Managing Director of this dream shopping complex. His tireless hard work has created today’s Mustafa Complex Centre as an entertainment center for thousands of expatriates. This shopping complex has a huge store of 300,000 (three lakh) different types of products.

Where you can buy anything you want from needles. In particular, there are thousands of types of jewelry here, you can buy the best quality jewelry here by checking daily jewelry prices. You can exchange money from here without any fraud so even if you want to forget, Mustafa Online Centre will not let you forget his name. To know more about this matter stay with

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Why is Mustafa cheap?

One of the reasons that Mustafa Center offers the cheapest prices to customers is that the merchants of Mustafa Center buy large quantities of products at once so that they can supply their customers at a lower price in a competitive market.

  • Is Mustafa Centre open 24 hours now?

Considering the general customers, Mustafa Online Center is currently open 24/7. You can visit there anytime you need and buy your required item.

  • How big is Mustafa Centre? 

It is a four storey shopping complex spread over 400,000 sq. ft. This shopping complex has a huge store of 300,000 (three lakh) different types of products.

  • Who is the owner of Mustafa Centre?

Mr. Mustaq Ahmad is the founder and present managing director of Mustafa Online Centre. He was born in Uttar Pradesh, India on 8 June 1951.

  • Who is Mustafa?

Mustafa (Arabic: مصطفى, Romanized: Mustafa) is one of the names of The heartbeat of every Muslim is Prophet Muhammad. The name means “selected, appointed, preferred”, used as an Arabic given name and surname.

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