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A US visa appointment wait time is a traveler’s dream in his or her whole life. America is the most powerful country in the world, the country of dreams, one of the most beautiful countries, there are very few people who do not dream of visiting America. There are hundreds of countries including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and thousands to millions of travel-hungry people who have dreamed of visiting the dream country America all their life.

Today we will discuss US visa appointment wait time and how you can easily travel to America. Just keep a few things in mind that during this entire trip we will not come in contact with any broker, we will not go to any travel agency, we will not even pay 1 cent bribe to anyone. We will do our best to complete our US visa appointment wait time. We will submit our visa fee the proper way, complete our US visa appointment wait time and visit our dream country, America.

US Visa Appointment Wait Time

You should also remember that getting a US visa appointment wait time is not rocket science. It’s a combination of many practical systems and rules, we’ll just do our best. Along with the rules of US visa fate is involved here, and fate is written by God himself. You may not agree with me, you may think there is no such thing as luck. Man himself is the god of his own destiny. You must apply correctly to shorten the US visa appointment wait time.


Maybe or maybe not because after you have followed all the rules properly. But in the US visa appointment the visa officer may think that you will never come back from America and He may not grant you a visa permission. Only if the visa provider is satisfied with you will you get visa permission. Here comes the question of luck he may not be satisfied with you. By proper homework can shorten the US visa appointment wait time.

You are preparing for a US visa appointment wait time. Well, ask yourself how much you know about America. You must have a minimum idea about America. Maybe the visa officer will ask you a very simple thing about America, but you don’t know your answer. This little reason is enough to cancel your visa application. Because Chances of getting a second chance here are very low, you don’t get any chances. Your meeting time will be one to three minutes at most. You must satisfy the visa officer by reply within this period. Let’s know about America before the US visa appointment wait time.

The United States Of America

The United States of America is the third largest country in the world consisting of 50 states located in North America. It is one of the most diverse and multiracial societies in the world. Millions of people from all over the world came to America and settled there. Their own language, their own culture, their own diversity has made America richer.

It is one of the most diverse and multiracial societies in the world, that is why America is a nation of rich cultures. America is the largest military power in the world, America is the largest economic power in the world. America has the best medical system and the best education system in the world. The capital city of technology is in America, the biggest social media is in America, the most successful business is in America.


America has made itself the best of the best in hundreds of such things. America is the center of attraction of people all over the world, what is not there in America? The area of America is 9826675 square kilometers which is the third largest country in the world. America’s position is after China and India in terms of population.

Name of American currency US Dollar and country code “+1”, National bird Eagle, National Flower Rose, National Animal Buffalo, the favorite fruit is banana. English is the national language and Christian is the major religion of America. There are two huge oceans on both sides of America, mountains, deserts, plains, forest and rivers , so America is the first choice of tourists from all over the world.

Americans consume the largest amount of meat in the world. Average human life expectancy is 74 years. One in four people in America is overweight, so the number of obese people in America is high. They love to eat roadside pizza. It is one of their favorite foods. 45 percent of Americans die before adulthood. One in five people die in car accidents, one in six people die from over smoking, one in four people die from drinking alcohol.

America is not a free sex country yet 50% of babies are born here without marriage. Surprisingly, 25% of Americans live below the poverty line. Americans are well versed in warfare and ordinary people can buy and carry weapons around and use them when needed. Because of these thousands of variations America is still the center of interest for millions of people. Now you are ready for the US visa appointment wait time.

US Visa Appointment Wait Time | Visa Types

Considering the benefits of people from all over the world, the American government has divided the visa to enter America into many categories, the easiest visa method to visit America is the tourism & visit visa. Generally, foreign tourists who apply for a visa to visit the United States are divided into two categories; immigrant visa and nonimmigrant visa.


The Immigrant visas are issued to US permanent residents and nonimmigrant visas are issued to those visiting the US for the purpose of travel. Nonimmigrant visas are again divided into two categories, Visa Category B-1 and Visa Category B-2, considering the type of travel of foreigners. A US visa appointment is the final form of all visa types, including B-1 and B-2.

US Visa Status | Visa B-1

Tourists who travel to the US for business purposes will be included under visa category B-1. It includes only business related topics like business conferences, business training, business deals etc. You must apply for a B-1 visa for seminars or training. You must apply correctly to shorten the US visa appointment wait time.

US Visa Status | Visa B-2

Anyone entering the US for purposes of travel other than business or business-related activities would be visa category B-2, which includes medical, travel, meeting with relatives etc. This category will be valid for all activities except business including participation in various social rituals, participation in sports, music competitions, and other competitions. I repeat you must apply correctly to shorten the US visa appointment wait time

US Visa Status | Visa B-1 & B-2

America, a country of liberal democracy, has shown generosity towards tourists traveling to its country. Visa Category B-1 and Visa Category B-2 visas are available for both those who want to do business and travel allocation. B-1 and B-2 visas are currently issued together for the benefit of all. I repeat also You must apply correctly to shorten the US visa appointment wait time.

Steps for US Visa Appointment Wait Time

There is some continuity to the US visa appointment wait time. To apply for a US tourist visa, first you need to have a passport and Passport must be confirmed as at least 1.5 years valid. For a US visa appointment , you first need to visit the US visa website, Then apply for a visa. For a B-1 B-2 visa, you must complete form DS-160. You must fill the DS-160 form to shorten the US visa appointment wait time

This is a very important form through which the visa officer will cross-match all your information with you. It is very easy to fill, so fill the form’s information very carefully. After that you have to pay a non-refundable visa fee of $185 as the current rules. You have to upload a photograph as per visa policy rules and then wait for the US visa appointment wait time.


We have done a lot, right? Form DS-160 has been completed. Submitted our fee and uploaded the picture. But no this is where the main process of US visa appointment starts where our luck works. Three things are very important for obtaining a visit visa to America. Your passport details (old passport if applicable and information on the new passport), information on Form DS-160 and information on your previous travel experience or previous visa information.

If any inconsistency in these three details will result in denial of your US visa. After filling out the DS-160 form, You will pay a non-refundable visa fee of $185 as per the current visa policy of the US Government. You have to wait 60 to 270 days. After a long wait you will get the date for the US visa appointment wait time.

What to Bring for US Visa Appointment

On the day of the US visa appointment , you must bring a few things along with your. You need to bring some other things which are not mandatory. But you need to bring those documents to prove the information you have given in the DS-160 form.

Valid Passport

You have to bring a valid passport. If you have any previous passport you should also bring it with you. You must ensure that the current passport has a validity of at least one and a half years. This is condition number one, you must bring your passport to the US visa appointment.

Confirmation Page of the DS-160 Form

You must carry the confirmation page of the DS160 form you filled. Photocopies are not acceptable here, you must take a printout of the main copy. This is the second mandatory thing which you have to bring with you on the US Visa appointment.


The Receipt Copy of Visa Fee

You must bring the receipt copy of the amount you paid for the visa fee. Usually many people make this mistake, but you should not do it, you will take the original receipt with you. Like the previous two documents, the main copy must be brought along with it, no photocopy is acceptable. This is the third and final mandatory item that you need to bring along with you on the US visa appointment wait time.

Bank Statement

A frequently asked question at the US visa appointment is to prove your source of funds. You must bring a copy of your bank statement. Make sure that the copy of the statement you bring with you, that has at least one year’s information of transaction.

One thing you have to remember is that your bank statement must have enough dollars that you can bring back home after your trip to America too. It is better if it is between five thousand to ten thousand dollars.

Proper Documents

If you are a trader then you need to bring your trade license with you. Be sure to bring a copy of the VAT and taxes paid by you. If you are an employee then you need to bring a copy of your NOC to prove that you are traveling on leave following proper rules.

Proof Sheets

You must bring with you the proof sheets to come back. It can be if you are a big businessman, your business certificate, if you have investment in stock market you can take investment certificate, you have nothing, you can say I have family, I have mother, father, my wife and son are in the country, I will definitely come back home. Take their proper documents with you.

Other Documents

Bring along the citizenship certificate or national identity card of the country you are a citizen of. If you have stated in the DS-160 form that you have any relatives in America, then you must bring along the identity card of that relative, green card or passport copy. The bottom line is that you should be mentally prepared to answer any type of question in a US visa appointment wait time and be prepared to present evidence accordingly. The proper documents is important to shorten the US visa appointment wait time.

What Questions Can You Ask?

About five minutes. These 5 minutes will decide whether you can go to America or not. Shake off your inertia and have confidence that you will succeed. Just a last step, you will get a US visa appointment successfully. Now we come to what questions will be asked to you at the appointment.


  1. Why are you going to America, when will you go and when will you return?
  2. What do you do in Bangladesh? Where do you do?  What is your responsibility?
  3. Who do you have in America? Whom are you leaving behind in Bangladesh?
  4. What is the source of your entire travel expenses and who is paying, why?
  5. What country did you last visit, why did you go, what hotel did you stay at, what did you see?

I don’t think you will be asked any questions beyond these five types of questions. In short, the visa officer wants to be sure through his questions that you are really going to travel to America, that you are not a threat to America, and that you will return home. You should give your answers in very simple language, avoid giving short answers but do not make them too long.

Talk to the visa officer confidently. You should not resort to any tricks and ensure that the information you have given in the DS-160 form is the same as what you have said. You have successfully completed the US visa appointment. Now leave it to luck. If the visa officer wants, you can get the US visit visa. If you don’t get a US visa, don’t worry. You have gained complete experience about US visa appointment wait time. Better luck next time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How long is the wait time for a US visa?

Ans. US visa appointment times are three to five weeks, depending on the type of visa you have applied for. You must apply correctly to shorten the US visa appointment wait time.

  • Can I get a US visa in 7 days?

Ans. If a visa application is approved during an interview, the average processing time is 5-7 working days for a US visa. At least a further 5-7 work days should be allowed for delivery. You must apply correctly to shorten the US visa appointment wait time.

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